Death by Pressure Ulcer

July 23, 2012 Uncategorized

Eileen Cligget, A retired 79-year-old teacher from Cardiff was inappropriately sent home from hospital, two weeks after her operation, following a hysterectomy due to cancer with a pressure sore after being laid up in bed for a week whilst in the hospitals care.

When it was noted that the pressure sore became severely infected she was re-admitted to hospital to be treated but the bedsore became severely infected which caused Eileen to tragically die after just a few days.

The health chiefs have apologised to the grandmothers devastated family for the substandard care she received at Llandough hospital in Cardiff. It has been noted that her official cause of death was recorded as a pressure sore.

The Cardiff and Vale University health Board have admitted mistakes were made in caring for Mrs Cligget. Mrs Cligget was admitted to hospital to have a hysterectomy in June 2011. She was given strict orders to stay in bed for a week under their supervision.

Her daughter was only made aware of the pressure sore by the districts nurse which has been classed a grade two (Sores are graded from one to four, with four most serious)

Mrs Cligget was admitted to the University Hospital of Wales with a severe infection and died on 17 August, with the pressure sore recorded as a cause of death.

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