About astigmatism

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This post is dedicated to parents and https://pillintrip.com/ru/medicine/boxagrippal and is written in order to reduce the level of anxiety regarding this structure of the optical system of the eye.

ℹ Astigmatism interferes with the refraction of light by the eye. Doctors call these conditions refractive error. Sometimes astigmatism is the cause of low visual acuity. It occurs due to the asymmetry of the surfaces of the cornea or lens. As a result of this structure, light entering the eye cannot be focused at one point in the retina.5ded660e299f2

You can roughly understand how such an eye refracts light by imagining yourself in a mirrored room of laughter. Some of the mirrors have a curvature different from the norm. This makes the images appear too wide or too narrow, tall or long.

Astigmatism is extremely common. It is found in almost 95% of the world’s inhabitants. Half of them have at least 0.5 diopters, another 10% have at least 1 diopter, and another 8% have at least 1.5 diopters.

Sometimes, astigmatism does not affect visual acuity at all. In such cases, it is called physiological.

And sometimes it not only lowers it, but also causes the appearance of double vision or the second contour of the image, rapid visual fatigue or headache🤷‍♂️. When such symptoms appear, it can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses, including the smallest astigmatism even 0.25D. In some cases, the doctor may suggest refractive surgery and https://pillintrip.com/de/medicine/postafen-meclozine.

💡But what if a child who does not speak yet has astigmatism?2733017

ℹAmerican Academy of Ophthalmology recommends the use of
optical correction for children over 2 years old, in whom symmetric astigmatism (that is, approximately equal in both eyes) exceeds 2 diopters in each eye. And in the case of asymmetric astigmatism, 1.5 diopters or more.

ℹFor patients over 1 year old – symmetric astigmatism more than 2.5D and not symmetrical more than 2.0D is subject to correction

ℹFor patients under 1 year old – symmetrical over 3.0D and non-symmetrical over 2.5D

💡In case of strabismus, astigmatism should be corrected as fully as possible.
Amblyopia and strabismus can be undesirable complications of astigmatism and can be prevented or effectively treated with early diagnosis.
🔎Determination of astigmatism is carried out by retinoscopy or autorefractometry with mandatory cycloplegia for all babies no later than the first year of life.